The NED Show

On Thursday Matt and Ned from the Ned show came to our school to talk to us about

Never giving up

Encouraging others 

Doing your best

Matt told us a very funny story that made every one laugh. The story was about Ned and Matt getting ready in the morning. Matt was doing tricks with ropes, it was cool because he tied a knot in the white rope (somehow) put the white knot on the red rope  and undid the knot and the white part of the rope was on the red rope.

Matt asked some people questions and I got to talk in front of the school (so did 2 others) and the person with the best answer won a prize. I had the best answer so I got a pink boomerang yo-yo and a red yo-yo holster, and I have not stopped playing with it since!

We are not allowed to play with our yo-yo if we’re not in the NED Zone which is the area in front of the drama space.

Lilly P1C

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