Food And Fibre Science Awards

This year in science in pod 3 have been creating our own experiments/investigations to conduct leading up to the Food and Fibre awards at Golden Grove. In groups we thought of an inquiry question to study and create a hypothesis from. We created a scientific experiment and wrote down all the information we could on the computer before printing it off and displaying it on a poster.

Then we were ready for our mini KFPS awards. We had a semi final at KFPS where leadership staff and teachers judged our work. From this 15 finalists were chosen.

The finalists arrived at GGHS at around 8:30am on Friday 18/8/17. There were a large assortment of judges so that they could get around to everyone. The judges held their marking papers with their plan of who they would mark. Everyone was judged at least twice throughout the morning. After the judging had taken place the finalists were announced.

The finalists will be awarded with free entry into the Royal Adelaide show where they will be judged for the final time. Well done Pod 3 students and good luck to our finalists. 🙂


Asher , Jorja  and Amira



The Keithcot PS finalists

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